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What is ZocDoc?

4y ago


ZocDoc is the most convenient, free way to find a doctor and book an appointment instantly online. Find a doctor on Now you can stay healthy and feel better faster -- by booking doctor or dentist appointments through ZocDoc. The website that makes finding doctors -- and getting an appointment -- quicker and easier than ever before. ZocDoc lets you find doctors and make appointments right from your computer. 24/7. Just enter the type of doctor you want to see, your zip code and insurance, and instantly see a list of doctors and their open appointments. You can also read reviews by real patients who have seen the doctor -- to make sure that you're picking the right doctor for you. Choose the most convenient time, and click to book it right on the spot. You'll have peace of mind knowing the doctor's office is notified the instant you make your appointment. Plus, you'll receive appointment reminders by email or text. ZocDoc makes finding an open appointment much easier than booking by phone. Patients who use ZocDoc typically see a doctor within 24 hours. We even remind you when it's time for your next checkup. It's so easy, you might find yourself feeling better... in no time! ZocDoc. Get well sooner.