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What is Affiliate Marketing Zeek Rewards

1y ago


Join here and start earning today - Become part of the team , It's don't matter where are you from , Just Add one ad per day , 3-5 minutes everyday : Copy & Paste and your job is done . Qualify for cash rewards ! Want increase your income even more - Become a Qualified Affiliate . * A Qualified Affiliate" is a Preferred Customer or Representative who is currently enrolled in one of our monthly Premium Business Center subscription plans (Silver, Gold or Diamond), has enrolled Retail Customers or joined the Customer Co-op, has given away a minimum of 10 Zeek sample Bids as samples, and has placed a qualifying advertisement for for the current 24 hour period and submitted it through his or her ZeekRewards back office. Affiliates who have not yet qualified can earn retail profits while they watch their Bonus Points grow daily, however only Qualified Affiliates can qualify to earn daily retail profit-share awards. Live Auctions - Save up to 90% Get there Fast - Get it for Pennies! Only Name Brands! I'm Giving Away Free Bids As A Gift I have up to 500 Bids to give away free to play in my penny auction site Register for free today and I'll load your account with free bids to play in the auctions and win with! Sign Up today to lock in your spot