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iphone 5

iphone 5

What The Hell You Know About That 740?

11mo ago


RWR's 1st video +What The Hell You Know About That 740?+ Shot entirely with IPhone 5 camera's. Then layered with an 8mm dirty filter to give it the right look, for a town bathed in the kind of filth you can't wash off. This is the 1st look into RWR's ''Hometown'' directed by an starring ''Random" featuring "Big Mung an D'gree" with guest appearances by other members of RWR, an a host of Portsmouth, Ohio natives. With the proper conviction, an well thought out verse's, RWR is Bringing the heat with this one. So if you were looking for "The Last Of The Lyrical Disciples" look no further, there here. "Bringing That Revival Back To The 740." So "Rep Your Street, Rep your Block, We're Rep'n Our City On 24/7 Non Stop." Our town is dead... An we all need something positive to look up to... We hope you enjoy the video. RWR!!!!!!!!!!!