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Staff Picks

The Wendy Williams Experience: Wendy Williams Bobby Brown Calls Part 2

4y ago


Advice Hour 1, Bobby Brown Part 2 Featuring Carlos' 5 Reasons Why Men Dont Get Married Pt 1 Also Marty. The Date Is April 13. Yes i know the Bobby Brown calls from the experience are already on the internet, but what was said before or after is not. The entertainment that leads up to the calls are not on the internet. I posted this mainly to lead up to Marty the intern, because she was hilarious, and the comments from Art, Wendy and the crew are hilarious! Also i post this for the fans, Some content i post were only heard on Wbls New York and not syndicated (bonus hour or local breaks) You may hear something you never heard before, or just want to laugh! Whatever it is, enjoy!