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social inequality

social inequality

Wen: Not Understanding Politics is Not Understanding the Poor

4y ago


Follow us on TWITTER: Like us on FACEBOOK: CCP Premier Wen Jiabao returned to his alma mater, China University of Geosciences, for a speech recently. He mentioned in the speech that if you do not understand farmers and the poor, who account for most of the Chinese population, then you do not understand politics and economics. Some scholars analyzed that what Wen mentioned can be seen as a warning to senior officials who are detached from the people. When Wen claimed that some officials do not care about farmers and the poor, what he meant was that officials do not understand politics and economics. On May 13th, CCP Premier Wen Jiabao visited his alma mater, China University of Geosciences in Wuhan. He made a speech and claimed that if a leader does not understand farmers and the poor, who account for the majority of the Chinese population, then s/he does not understand politics and economics. Commenter Lan Su: "I think Wen Jiabao's target listeners are CCP officials. There are more than 900 million farmers in China, and the number of poor people is even larger. Therefore, if you do not understand farmers and the poor, then you do not understand politics and economics in China. It's true." Liu Kaiming, the director of the Institute of Contemporary Observation in Shenzhen said the purpose of Wen Jiabao's speech was to warn the CCP officials that they are detached from the people. He also mentioned that this serious bureaucracy can lead to more corruption. Liu Kaiming said: "If no political reform happens, corruption and the bureaucracy phenomena and will become more serious. Actually, we do not know if Wen's warning will have a significant effect, because there are no other CCP leaders concerned about the issues and calling for political reform." Commenter Lan Su: "Wen Jiabao can not push forward political reform by himself, and reform resistance within CCP is very strong. In the past 90 years, we hardly see any CCP policy stand long. I hope that Wen Jiabao can fulfill his promises before he retires." Commenter Lan Su mentioned that in the past 30 years of reform, the improvements for farmers are not significant. A typical example is demolitions. Officials can forcibly take farmers' land and evict farmers' houses. Many farmers become homeless due to the inequality of public policies. Commenter Lan Su: "The situation in China now reflects the phenomena of uneven distribution of wealth. China is also an officialdom society, there is a big gap between officials and ordinary people. Besides, CCP takes the higher position above ordinary people and constitution. This privileged system brings the social inequality." On May 15th, two people were killed in an official forced eviction in Saertu section, Daqing city. Reporter: "Can we determine whether it is illegal construction or not?" The deputy director of Urban Management Bureau: "The accident happened after we left; we did not operate by then. Besides, these two machine operators were not hired by us." Sun Erdai, a farmer, told NTD that there are many local officials colluding with Real estate developers to forcibly take farmers' land. The local governments get most of the financial subsidy, leaving little to farmers. Sun Erdai: "I am sure these issues will continue to happen. If the government has a lack of transparency with unbalanced power structure, then more people will become homeless." Sun Erdai hopes that Wen Jiabao really cares about farmers and poor people, and what Wen claimed will come tree. 《神韵》2011世界巡演新亮点