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Wellington Little League All Star International League Pitcher 9 yr old pitches 6 innings

4y ago


Wellington Little League All Star International League Pitcher for the 9 to 10 yr old team pitches 6 innings. Tristan is one of only 3 nine year olds that made the team. He pitched the best game yet. You don't start pitching until you are 9 yrs old in Little League. This is a video of the sixth inning where he only pitches 3 pitches for 3 outs. The first out is a grounder to first. The second is a pop up fly to Tristan at pitchers mound and the third out is a pop up fly to second. He ended up throwing only 58 pitches the entire game. The pitcher on the other team who was a big 10 year old- was pulled from the game with 78 pitches ( the limit is 75 pitches at this age) during the fourth inning. We won the final play off game 3 to 2. Then we had to play them the next morning for the final. Tristan could not pitch that game because you have to rest three days after pitching 58 pitches. We beat the team 9 to 6 and Wellington won the Little League All Stars District 7 International division championship. We now go on to the sectionals.