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Welcome to So Cali - High Tide (reggae)

4y ago


Available here: You know I'm guilty of a victimless crime smokin the sensi all of the time police officer they try to take me down for smokin mad green around the town these politicians need to face the facts we gon be the ones paying that tax ya takin all my money for the prison you build marijuana laws just to keep that shit filled international herb we applied to our sound can't keep that plant from groin in the ground so take that look off ya wicked wicked face put the spliff to ya lips and enjoy the taste Welcomr to so cali rat race society welcome to so cali we livin in the rat race Greetings babymouse and a "ightide bring to you month fiyah pon babylon an politician seen? Ya don know Babylon a ya go down ya politician bon di cron Coco blow me nah gon sniff cause di rudeboy haffi pay di renT Me and all the c gon smoke up the weed tonight. The Tide is gonna be blazin on the scene tonight. Well be smokin sensimilla tonight Tonight we sing sense sensimilla sensi I was a norcal kid since 76 but in the year 02 had to make the switch left chico moved to the O...side down with high tide kickin the flow its coot dog on the mic and they love when I say we like to smoke out every day and I'm lovin the bomb cause I'm straight from the bay ever since my mom taught me how to roll a j legalize it that's the truth I say it with the mj and the mystic roots and with nmy man babymouse on the High Tide flow with my new bandmate the great Pato and like Mr Banton I'm keepin it reala brecause I do not sniff the coke I only smoke Oh its 4 o'clock I'm gon be 20 miutes late. I dunno why the world is full of hate. All I know is that we been gettin on down sinxe back when SD was just a small town 420 was rhe time on the dial 420 it was time to get wild 420 was the time on the dial we were livin on down inna socali. Welcome to socali rat race society welcome to so cali we livin in the rat race!