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red states

red states

We WILL remember in November!

4y ago


The November 2012 Election will usher in the biggest change in politcs we've seen in a generation. It is likely that a major swing away from the far right will occur. With a lacluster candidate on the right, and a huddled mess of a smear campaign by billionaire advertisers is likely to cause not much excitement, but anger. Depending on the turn out, Mitt Romeny and his side of the aisle is likely to suffer a major, if not devestating defeat. There is talk of 400+ Electoral Votes to go to President Obama. Only the most bloody red states are expected to side with Willard Romney, and even some of those are not "in the bag" just yet. Wait and see. Be ready! It's not going to be pretty. Hopefully the likes of Stephen Baldwin and Ted Nugent will fianlly fulfill their promise and get da hell out of the USA. They've promised to leave in 2008. Liars and hypocrites. Once a hypocrite always a hypocrite. But they've got God, right? Sick bastards! Oh well, it's a free country. Let the scum live amongst us. We are 320 million. We can handle a few crazy kooks. Whatever else you do on November 6, 2012....VOTE!