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Staff Picks

"We Might As Well Dance A Slow Dance"...Ronnie and Natalie O'Hara(Pollock) first Country Record

4y ago


We might As Well Dance A Slow Dance ....The" B"side of When Johnny Gets The Blues...the song which went number 1 on the WHO Chart in Des Moines Iowa in1976.. Our first country record.....but we are finally recording this year and will be doing another one. Country music was my first love in the fifties ...I really loved Brenda Lee's hit "Jumbalya" so much that I did that song at Brock-Corydon elementary school when we had a little concert ...I also did an impersonation of the Gene Vincent song "BeBob A Lu LA" all accapella of course....that was my first time on a mini-rocker. Another of my first fave songs was" I Fall to Pieces by Patsy Kline". In those days Johhny Cash .Gene Autry(the cowboy)and Dolly Parton appeared in Winnipeg at the Winnipeg Auditorium where I also was taken to see Liberace and the Dick Clark Caravan with my Dad , Ron and my Baba(my Baba idolized Liberace)...what a was cold the accoustics were so bad. My Baba only listened to CJOB with Red Alix and she loved Wrestling....who would have thought. My parents only listened to CBC radio as did all the Jewish People in River Heights....if it wasn't on CBC it did not exist. The Winnipeg Tribune cost a dime in those days....and it cost a quarter to go to the Uptown Theatre on Academy Road near my house at 167 Elm Street in River Heights;where there were three cowboy movies and the Three Stooges and then they would kick out the little kids before the real movies started for the older people.