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4y ago


We are a group of people for whom film is not a choice, its a mandate. We are of the Colorado Mountains. We aim only to connect emotionally with an audience. We defy conventions. We keep the process in house. We keep the team light, fast and agile. We use the best tools. We listen. We find the essence of the brand or subject. And we deliver more. All shots by Anson Fogel or Skip Armstrong as DP except: 1:21, 2:43 Jason Dewey/Fogel co-DP 1:33, 1:43 Carlos Veron DP, Fogel 1st AC/Operator 1:39, 1:41 Wolfgang Held DP, Fogel 1st AC/Operator and in the documentary film segment: COLD - Directed by Anson Fogel, Cinematography by Cory Richards CHASING WATER - Directed by Pete McBride, Editing and Additional Cinematography Anson Fogel/Forge WILDWATER - Directed, shot and edited by Anson Fogel/Forge Thumbnail image by Cory Richards. Parkour shots created with Brian Bailey Special thanks to Director Tim Kemple, and Jeff and Matt, Creatives at Karsh/Hagan for giving us the opportunity to produce and shoot Colorado Tourism's summer 2012 campaign, their direction made many of the shots here happen. Thank you to all the crews, agencies, friends, clients and cast that make our work and lives so deeply satisfying. Music in order: Cloud Cult, Unexplainable Stories, buy here: Angels & Airwaves, Saturday Love, buy here: Muse, Map Of The Problematique, buy here: