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Water-jet cutting peach

4y ago


Ultra-high pressure (UHP) water-jet cutting at 15Kpsi to 90Kpsi is a hygienic cutting method that eliminates the transfer of biological pathogens (E. coli, Listeria, and Salmonella). How? It uses the erosive cutting force of a continuous fresh stream of simple drinking water. This means no cross contamination or transfer of bacteria that is common with existing metal blade technology. The UHP water jet creates little contact pressure by using a very small orifice (typically 0.004"), which results in no bruising of delicate produce such as lettuce and green onions, and produces a clean "irrigated" cut that offers higher yields and longer shelf life. The water-jet exits the nozzle orifice at 3 times the speed of sound with tremendous cutting power and the diamond nozzle itself typically lasts ~2,000 hours or 3 months of continuous 24/7 service without changing the "blade". Water-jet technology is an excellent choice when processing viscous, gelatinous and multi-ingredient products such as --baked goods (snack bars), and confectionary (fruit extrusions). visit us at