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like a song

like a song

#WISDOMFRIDAY1 Watch This If You Are Sad, Cheer Up Video, Hold On Be Strong=)

4y ago


I'm sorry I'm talking so boring and quiet it's because my brother was asleep haha xx text in the video: We people, are like roses, roses need water to stay alive, we need love to stay alive But I don't get, that some people hate on somebody, just because that person is too fat, too skinny, too ugly or too pretty or whatever. Why can't we all just stay nice to eachother, and help eachother, in good and bad times. I've been bullied, I've been hurt, pyhisically and mentally, but that's no excuse to be mean to those people that hurt me, bullied me, because I should never lower myself to such a level. And I know, that how long it even takes, the good, ALWAYS defeats wrong. I've been called ugly, several times, it hurt me, but now I know that, beauty is an opinion, not everybody will find me beautiful, but that doesn't make me ugly. Just because somebody thinks I'm ugly or beautiful, doesn't make it a fact that I'm ugly or beautiful. My looks are for everybody different, some will find me ugly, and some will find me pretty, I just have to deal with that. And, do you know that tickling feeling in your belly when something bad happens, I want you to remember then, that everything happens for a reason and will work out in someway. Bad things don't exist, because maybe for you at the moment they seem bad, but for others it might be a good thing, and in the end , it will always be okay. I just want you to know that life is just a path to death, and during that path u can struggle on obstacles, but your friends and family and God if you believe in him or her, will help you get up and walk further on the path, and enjoy beautiful things. But just know that nothing lasts forever, like a song, so always be prepared for painful things, and if ur not afraid, replay that song, and with that I mean, replay those beautiful things in your life, do it as much as you want, but whatever happens, stay strong and always hold on because you are never alone. And if it feels like ur friends and family are leaving you, friends will always be friends, even though you can't always see them, friends are like stars , sometimes clouds cover them and you can't see them, but just because you can't see them, doesn't mean they aren't there. And just know : Think before you do something. Because words really hurt, they do. Don't gossip, don't do mean things, don't hurt people on porpuse, and help us, to make the world a better place for everyone. Stop bullying and become a better person. Because bullies will always be a bully, and will always be mean, nothing more than that. Keep smiling , keep shining and know that it will be okay, no matter how long it takes. Private message me xxxxxxxx