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lock up

lock up

Warning: Criminally Negligent Medical Tourism Dentist "Implant and Cosmetics Solutions" Doctor Coto

1y ago


Doctor Alberto Coto Calvo was the Dentist in San Jose Costa Rica. he broke my tooth causing 3 root canals to be preformed under his care. He Left me with half of the teeth in my mouth open margin ( crowns popped off the teeth) He screwed up my bite so badly that I now suffer from severe TMJ. I live in Constant horrable pain on a daily basis. Like most scam artists, Doctor Coto has since changed the name of his business from High Tech Dental Clinic to " Implant and Cosmetics Solution " he has also moved his international practice from Curridbat San Jose to Rohrmoser San Jose Costa Rica. This man refused to refund the small fortune that I paid him and refused to pay to have my teeth fixed after he butchered me. The cost to fix my bite alone is $35,000 ( which I don't have ) plus thousands more for additional work. Several American dentist have told me that my teeth will start falling out one by one because of all the crowns popped off my teeth. I have a seizure disorder and when I become toothless no American Dentist will give me dentures because dentures can slip during a seizure and cause me too choke to death. I was almost charged with a felony and lock up in a Costa Rican prison for complaining publically of my botched dentistry. ( no freedom of speech in this 3rd world country ). I was lucky to flee Costa Rica and land back on American soil. Please watch this video before you flock abroad for any less expensive medical tourism, Medical vacations or medical travel. Especially beware of Doctor Alberto Coto, Doctor Alberto Coto Calvo and Implant and Cosmetics Solutions. Beware, he my also keep changing his business name and location. He has many different web-sites -,, and I'm sure there are many others. Americans, Canadian and Europeans... Please don't do this !!!