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Waldo Canyon Fire Briefing 8:30pm 6/26/12 Day 4 KKTV footage - 1st portion of briefing

4y ago


Fire Briefing discussing what has happened up until now, here in Colorado Springs. Footage provided by KKTV (been running fire coverage since Day 1, non-stop) Heavy winds caused the fire to jump 2 contingency lines, and impacted the West side of Colorado Springs. This is the fourth day of the fire has been burning and has now jumped into parts of Colorado Springs, Colorado. Call 719-632-3563 Red Cross for info... They are asking for Monetary Donations (best option to help right now) Info from COS Fire Dept: 719-629-7322 for information look for Waldo Canyon Fire ( ) 720-402-7935; 720-237-9947; 720-237-3417 Emergency Informational Phone Lines. This video was uploaded from an Android phone.