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society of the united states

society of the united states

WA2S WIRE - Ep16 Week Ending 05-26-12

2y ago


WA2S WIRE - Week In REview for the week ending 05-26-12. Episode 16 of the weekly news show presented by the World Animal Awareness Society - WA2S WIRE is a fast 10 minute show focused on a handful of compelling stories presented weekly about the intersections of people and animals from orgs world wide dealing with the realities of contemporary life. At the end of the WIRE and below you will find links to the original/larger stories from the clips in the show. Here's what you'll find in this weeks episode: * Ag-gag bills - Keep Consumers in the Dark. Humane Society of the United States. * Bakers Green Acres vs Michigan Department of Natural Resources * Paul Watson Out of Prison Sea Shepherd- Press Conference. SSCS * Thailands Elephants should be Respected not Abused - Save Elephant Foundation * Linda Hooper-Bui LSU Insect Research (Ant Team) in the Gulf Marshes Tell us what you think. We can only make the show more compelling, useful, and timely with your help. If you have a story that needs to be told, or you have video that needs to be seen. Please send an email to: For every useful suggestion, the will send you a gift of thanks. For the World Animal Awareness Society - WA2S WIRE - Week In REview Host: Tom McPhee Director: Tom McPhee Editor: Tom McPhee Executive Producer: Michelle Way (c.) 2012 World Animal Awareness Society - Please subscribe and stay tuned for a new episode each week.