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Staff Picks

Vy Oanh - ĐỒNG XANH [Official MV HD]

4y ago


Đồng Xanh Vy Oanh Written & Directed by Bone Ho Music: Duong Khac Linh Lyrics: Hoang Huy Long D.O.P: K'Linh Nguyen Producer: Loan Tran Camera: Hieu Trung Art Director: La Quy Tung First A.D: Nam Map Second A.D: Lam Bet Behind The Scenes Director: Wowy Nguyen Behind The Scenes Camera: Dominic Vinh Map Behind The Scenes Editor: Wowy Nguyen Photos: Trung Muc Tau Costumes: Kevin Le, Duyen de Saint Martin from Lelouk MakeUp: Gia Tri MV Editing & Color: Bone Ho VFX: Pham Chi Sy Behind The Scenes Editor: Wowy Nguyen Special Thanks to: Mr. Nam Doan Mr. Lam Bet Mr. K'Linh Nguyen Mr. La Quy Tung Mr. Hieu Trung Ms. Nam Rom - Phu Yen Mr. Hoan - Phu Yen Location: Phu Yen iFocus Media 2012 DOWNLOAD Dong Xanh MV - 2K Best Quality: DOWNLOAD Dong Xanh MV - HD1080p High Quality: