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VP Live 2013 crowdfunding pitch video

4y ago


VP Live 2013 ( VampireParty has been organising electro-industrial club nights and concerts since 1996. Since that time, we have brought many scene acts to Belgium, often for the first time. Organising concerts is lots of fun, but can be quite a costly affair. When this year's VP Live 2012 ended with a significant loss, we were torn. Everybody who was at the festival obviously had a good time (Check out our Rockumentary on the event, if you haven't already: ), but in the end not enough people showed up to even getting close to break-even. So, when people started asking about a 2013 edition, we decided to give it one more shot. We will organise another edition, if enough of you promise to show up! Since April, we have been listening to which bands to want to see and have been talking to bands that we thought might make for an interesting line-up. The result is here now with a line-up consisting of Surgyn (UK), C-Lekktor (MEX), XP8 (IT), SAM (DE), Aesthetic Perfection (USA), Soman (DE) and Suicide Commando (BE) The event would take place on 6 April 2013, at our regular COStA venue in Antwerp, BELGIUM! If enough of you want to see this event happen, it is up to you now! Make your contribution and tell all your friends about. Live on the other side of the world and can't make it to Belgium? Still want to support your favourite band and help them play in Belgium? Then check out our exclusive VP Live Merchandise and help yourself to a cool T-shirt, mouse pad,... and support the event that way! The Target Budget The budget for this event is 14,000 $ (roughly 11,000 euro). You might be surprised at the size of this budget, but do realise that this includes: * Artist Fees! Artists need to travel to Belgium, often take time off from work and obviously want some compensation for their efforts. * Hotel accomodation. Most bands travel from far, so obviously they need a place to stay for the night. * Catering: Artists need to eat to. You don't want them to faint on stage, do you? * Venue rental * Sound & Light equipment rental. That pounding bass and those pretty lights unfortunately don't come for free either. * advertising: flyers & posters to spread the word It all quickly adds up. Please do realise, we are not being extravagant here. No 5-star hotels, no champagne and caviar. We try to provide a pleasant experience for bands and audience and try to do it on a budget. We can keep costs low, only with the support of a very dedicated crew and lots of friends in bands, who really like what we are doing! So the budget is what it is. The lowest we can do to bring you a line-up this big. If we don't reach our target by the end of August, the festival will NOT take place. Please remember, that if you pledge to buy a ticket or merchandise or ALL the things, you will NOT be charged any money, if the festival budget is not reached in time. This means no risk for you! So start saving all your pennies, eurocents,...and get your pledge in before the deadline date (29 August!). If we don't get our full budget after the deadline, Indiegogo will simply refund you your contribution! And if you really can't afford to spend even a few dollars or euro, you can always still support us, by helping to spread the news! Share on your Facebook, talk about it with your friends,... Your music, your scene, your event With years of experience organising live events, we can guarantee you that will deliver you an unforgettable day! We are ready to do it, if you show us enough of you really want it! It's up to you now to make it real! We hope you will not disappoint us. David (DJ Hive) Music: Surgyn - Sharp as Stars C-Lekktor - Welcome to my World XP8 - Bullet Hole w The Wound that won't Heal (People Theatre Pansement mix) SAM - Mad as Hell Aesthetic Perfection - Motherfucker Soman - Noistyle Suicide Commando - Attention Whor...