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Vito Thomaselli(Airborne) & Jay Jensen vs Acid & Double M

4y ago


This is me in my first gimmick Airborne This was a huge match. This put our names on the map in the Chicago scene for 2001. The show was loaded with some of the top indy names at that time... Matches from that show: Brandon Bishop vs Mick The Irish Assassin Grudge vs Synn Double M & Acid vs Jay Jensen & Airborne w Apryl & Vic Capri Donovan Morgan vs Vic Capri Jayson Reign vs Vinny Massaro Scoot Andrews vs Mike Modest Danny Doring & Roadkill vs Chris Chetti Julio Dinero MCW was ahead of its time. The main problem was it was ran by a total idiot in Brian Zenner. They coulda been ROH first, but Brian had no business around this business.