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john whitney

john whitney

View from the Top (1/12) Movie CLIP - Birthday Break-Up (2003) HD

4y ago


View from the Top Movie Clip - watch all clips click to subscribe Donna (Gwyneth Paltrow) gets a birthday surprise from her boyfriend Tommy (Marc Blucas) when he breaks up with her in a birthday card. TM & © Miramax Films (2012) Cast: Marc Blucas, Gwyneth Paltrow Director: Bruno Barreto MOVIECLIPS YouTube Channel: Join our Facebook page: Follow us on Twitter: Buy Movie: Producer: Alan C. Blomquist, Robbie Brenner, Bobby Cohen, Lizzie Friedman, Brad Grey, Laura Hopper, Francesca Silvestri, Amy Slotnick, Patrick McIntire Screenwriter: Eric Wald Film Description: Brazilian filmmaker Bruno Barreto directs this comic look at the world of flight attendants starring Gwyneth Paltrow as Donna, a small town Nevada woman who dreams of seeing the world by becoming a first class international stewardess. Lacking the requisite poise and class, Donna finds a mentor in retired trade veteran Sally (Candice Bergen), a wealthy, best-selling author who assists with advice and her considerable influence. Despite Sally's help, Donna finds the process of fulfilling her career ambitions more difficult than she imagined when she's betrayed by a trusted friend (Christina Applegate) during flight training, a daunting course taught by the bitter John Whitney (Mike Myers), a once-aspiring steward whose eye condition kept him forever out of the friendly skies. Donna also faces a romantic crisis when she falls for a handsome law student (Mark Ruffalo) whose education consigns him to Ohio, far away from the major urban hubs Donna dreams of working. A View from the Top (2002) costars Rob Lowe, Josh Malina, Kelly Preston and Jon Polito. "view from the top","view from the top clip","view from the top part 1","view from the top full movie","gwyneth paltrow","marc blucas","bruno barreto","locker videos","photograph videos","purse videos","romantic comedies",comedy,romance,"brad grey","alan c blomquist","bobby cohen","robbie brenner","amy slotnick","patrick mcintire","lizzie friedman","francesca silvestri","laura hopper","heartbreak videos","store videos","movie clips",movieclipsdotcom,#AMG:V+++263267,/m/05fz7g,/m/0bq2g