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son dam bi

son dam bi

[Vietsub + kara] After School - Because of You MV (

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( Vietsub MV After School (Korean: 애프터스쿨) is a South Korean girl group managed by Pledis Entertainment. The group had their public debut alongside labelmate Son Dam Bi in 2008. The group eventually made a proper debut on 17 January 2009 with the first single, "Ah!". Later that year, UEE joined the group, and After School released a second single, "Diva". In the fall of 2009, Soyoung left the group, which led to the addition of two members—Raina and Nana. The group then released "Neo Ddaemunae" (Korean: "너 때문에", "Because of You"), which became their first chart-topping single.