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Video Contest Winner: Morrison Bay Medical Center

4y ago


"Our team is altogether great so we had to take this opportunity to tell the world all about our Morrison team. We initially thought we would we would write a rap about each department in our unit and maybe have each team show some of their dance moves. We found out we have a rap star in our department and he took us in another direction. Chuck, cook assistant, composed a rap with a little help from our creative staff and he suggested that we showcase teamwork instead. As the lyrics convey we are a team that delivers GREAT SERVICE to each and every patient and customer. "Great service, good food with many smiling faces. One big family with many different races" - "With every meal served we go the extra mile. We come in with a happy face and serve patients with a smile" -"Patients love us, they remember our team. Award winning, people pleasing, food fit for a king or queen!"