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Black Nerd Rants on not being a creeper at VidCon 2012 Q: Which YouTuber would you like to spend a day with? What would you do? Subscribe! | 2nd Channel: Facebook -- Twitter -- Google Plus -- Tumblr -- FormSpring -- SHOP AT THE BLACK NERD STORE: KarenKavett VidCon Video: MY VIDCON PANEL: How to Be Successful on YouTube... Without Being a Top YouTube Star Date: Saturday June 30th Time: 1:00 PM -- 2:00 PM Location: 207A News, magazines and blogs that talk about YouTube success usually highlight the top YouTube stars. But is it possible to be "successful" on YouTube if you're not an A-list YouTuber? Join a panel of YouTube partners who have found success on and off YouTube without ever being in the Top 100, encouraging content creators that winning on YouTube is not always millions of subscribers or going viral. Moderator: Andre Meadows ‪‬ Panelist: Ethan Newberry ‪‬ Jet & Star ‪‬ Erika Cervantes, Emily McGregor ‪‬ Kaleb Nation ‪‬ VIDCON CREEPERS! Black Nerd RANTS -- I will be at VidCon 2012. And I try to teach new VidCon attendees about how to not be a creeper, a pedobear or any other awkward person when meeting your favorite YouTube star. MUSIC: "Beverly Hills Black Nerd (Theme Song)" by Brett Juilly | *Additional music by myself and Huey Esquire. How to Go to VidCon 2012 How to Not Be Creepy at VidCon 2012 How to Attend a VidCon 2012 Panel How to Not Get Kicked Out of VidCon 2012 BLACK NERD COMEDY: Sketches, Spoofs, Rants, Vlogs, Events, Interviews, Stand-Up and More from Actor, Comedian and "Black Nerd" Andre Meadows. | VidCon "VidCon 2012" "Pre-VidCon 2012" "Vid Con" black nerd comedy BlackNerd BlackNerdComedy "Black Nerd Comedy" Rants "Black Nerd Rants" series episode how-to tips tricks points creeper creep pedobear convention con expo YouTube stars celebrities DailyGrace iJustine OlgaKay "The Lizzie Bennet Diaries" "Shane Dawson" VlogBrothers Smosh CharlieIsSoCoolLike ExoticJess JacksFilms "Fine Bros" "Kids React" "Karen Kavett" Anaheim CA California yt:quality=high Andre AndreMeadows