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Black Nerd Rants on not being a creeper at VidCon 2012 Q: Which YouTuber would you like to spend a day with? What would you do? SUBSCRIBE! | ANDRE: FACEBOOK: | G+ TWITTER: | SHOP: 50+ Black Nerds at VidCon 2011: KarenKavett VidCon Video: MY VIDCON PANEL: How to Be Successful on YouTube... Without Being a Top YouTube Star Date: Saturday June 30th Time: 1:00 PM -- 2:00 PM Location: 207A Moderator: Andre Meadows ‪ ‬ Panelist: Ethan Newberry ‪ ‬ Jet & Star ‪ ‬ Erika Cervantes, Emily McGregor ‪‬ Kaleb Nation ‪‬ VIDCON CREEPERS! Black Nerd RANTS -- I will be at VidCon 2012. And I try to teach new VidCon attendees about how to not be a creeper, a pedobear or any other awkward person when meeting your favorite YouTube star. MUSIC: "Beverly Hills Black Nerd (Theme Song)" by Brett Juilly | *Additional music by myself and Huey Esquire. How to Go to VidCon 2012 How to Not Be Creepy at VidCon 2012 How to Attend a VidCon 2012 Panel How to Not Get Kicked Out of VidCon 2012 BLACK NERD COMEDY: Sketches, Spoofs, Rants, Vlogs, Events, Interviews, Stand-Up and More from Actor, Comedian and "Black Nerd" Andre Meadows. |