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4y ago


Ever wonder why love is like coffee? Because it's an irresistibly good mix of sweet and bitter that keeps you up and on a high in your otherwise solitary single life. And with Visam's 1 tablespoon of charm, Toff's 1 cup of thoughtfulness and Kerwin's 100 degrees of boiling appeal, you're instantly treated to their delectable live performance of their original tune - The Coffee Song - at VFort: The Love Band Concert held last April 21. THE COFFEE SONG Performed by VFORT Words by Jeff Cifra Music by Larry Ropero and Jeff Cifra Musical Arrangement by Bimbo Yance, Jake Lumacad, Larry Ropero and Jeff Cifra I Baby I was walking down the street Saw you smile Waiting for a little glance you'd throw at me But then you walked away I didn't even get your name Hoping I would bump to you the following day Refrain I And then the next day you came up and said hello No one's ever made me feel this happy glow I can't believe that this is happening to me You brought to life one of my biggest fantasies Chorus I love you Girl I know it's just too soon I need you How about we take a cup of coffee? Then you'll love me too II Baby can I't least just have a kiss A few like this The pro'lly I can show y'a little place called bliss Come a little closer I'mma talk a little softer I'mma squeeze a little fighter I'mma dig a little deeper Refrain 2 And then the next day you will come and say hello I know that no one's given you this happy glow You won't believe that this is happening for real I brought to life the way the things I know you want to feel (Repeat Chorus) Adlib (harmonies) (Repeat Chorus) (Repeat Adlib Harmonies) Baby then you'll love me too. VFORT: THE LOVE BAND PROJECT IN STORES NOW Produced by Vivre Fort Entertainment Distributed Worldwide by Viva Records