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Venus Transit photographed from 38.000 feet

4y ago


By pure chance I was flying back home from a business trip at the same time as the Venus Transit happened on the 6'th of June 2012. With my standard camera equipment, I did do my best to capture this rarely but unique event. I waited until the Sun was close to the horizon of clouds, and could utilize the thick layer of air as an additional optical filter. It was demanding to take pictures good enough because of the shaking airplane, handheld shooting, airplane window and other optical distortion like the air distortion when shooting an object close to the horizon. I took sequences with totally over 1050 raw images and did orient every single image into a timelapse movie. The image conversion process from raw- into png-format was made the same way with all the pictures. A big thank's to the crew of flight LH 455 who helped me to find the best spot to take the pictures. Equipment: Canon EOS 7D, Tokina 400mm lens, ND8 grayfilter, Polarized filter, a thick layer of air Settings : 1/8000sec, f/22, ISO 100 Music: SaReGaMa