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Van Dyke Parks: Greenland Whale Fisheries

4y ago


From: Rogues Gallery: Pirate Ballads, Sea Songs, and Chanteys, ANTI- 2006. Buy CD: Explanatory liner notes by record label ANTI-: Van Dyke Parks - piano, vocals, arrangement; Jack Shit: Val McCallum - guitar, bkg vocals; Pete Thomas - drums, bkg vocals; Davey Fallagher - bass, bkg vocals; also- Doug Pettibone - guitar, bkg vocals; Michael Thompson - accordion, bkg vocals; Neil Larson - accordion, bkg vocals; Richard Greene - fiddle, bkg vocals; Matt Cartsonis - vocals, mandolin, mandola; Steve Berlin - baritone sax, bkg vocals; Greg Prestopino - bkg vocals Recorded in Los Angeles at Sunset Sound Studios - Engineered by Dave Rideau, assisted by Erich Talaba. An American whaling song sometimes used as a capstan chantey. This song vividly captures both the thrill and danger of whaling in the 19th century. In some versions the captain is more grieved at the loss of his men, but this version, where he's more grieved by the loss of the whale, was perhaps more likely. Artist's page: Image: Anke Merzbach: [ the world revolving around your spinning head ], November 4, 2008 Lyrics and annotations in This is a private video for documentary reasons. There is no copyright infringement intended. Please do not use sounds and visuals unless you are their owner.