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the VAGINA song (Song A Day #1262)

4y ago


Vagina vagina What a beautiful word If you can't say vagina You're being absurd If you can't say vagina Then don't legislate The vaginas of women All over your state When I was a wee lad Of seven or six I couldn't say vagina Without a laugh on my lips But as I got older I found I could say Vagina vagina vagina all day Vagina! Vagina! Vagina! From Michigan down to north Carolina From Virginia to Texas and all over this land Vaginas are being wrongly threatened I have a penis I don't have vagina So on certain subjects I'm not qualified My body is my me and your body's is you I wont make laws about yours don't make laws about mine Vagina! Vagina! Say it with me Vagina If you can't say the word Your out of your mind-a You're not ready for sex Much less making up laws This outrage of yours Is the last of the straws Stop being jerks Stop being children You'll lose in these battles This isn't madmen All you internet trolls and you senator cartels stop dragging the rest of us down to your hells LIKE RATE DOWNLOAD CALL (510) 402-6081 Other Places To Connect With Me: FOLLOW me on SoundCloud: FOLLOW me on Instagram: My username is jonathanmann FOLLOW me on Twitter: BE on my mailing list: SUBSCRIBE to me on Facebook: DO what they do on Google+: LOOK at my blog: PLAY with my App!