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V Scripts Ft J-Yungen (Renegade) - I SPY

4y ago

Description 1st verse (V scripts) V scripts, I face my foes/ and chase my goals/ the money talks, taste my dough/ no I aint gotta burner, with the rhymes I'ma murder like Mase I know/ ha ha, nigga dont make me laugh, speed it up on the track/ got a race car flow/ you know this shit/ i focus in/ my drink mixed like a mocha bitch/ you know my dough is always thick doc/ Im sick, I vomit spit/ uh, Im the answer/ steal your girl if I have to/ got the dough, the dro, the flow/ I steal your hoe, ya hoe, ya hoe... santa/ and these haters I abuse them/ I ride your girl in the park for amusement/ and you motherfuckers stupid/ someone call Tom, cause Holmes I am crusin/ my shit is always hot like tabasco in my asshole/ Im chillin in your bathroom, with a bathrobe and a capsule/ I the pop fuckin pill, wait for you to come in and lasso/ then fuck your girl and make you watch, she slidin down my bat pole ha Chorus: V Scripts: What is this, That I Spy/ on that piff, I'm so high/ In my face, its all smiles/ your whole life, is a lie J-Yungen and V Scripts: So We get buck wit it/ screamin down fuck wit him/ so we get buck wit it/ screamin dont fuck wit him, do we get... V Scripts: Its all a game, and I Spy You! 2nd Verse (J-Yungen) Roll the Sticky/ smokin like a hippie/ lil skinny dude known to hold down his city/I got this/ fly like choppers/ higher than stockings/ and got bread, so the birds watchin/ the paper critical, so maintain your visual/ same names that chill with you/ cant change or injure you/ money getter, but never a hunny sweater/ she wont get under my umbrella/ I'll make it rain and get her wetter/ Its Rena, yea nigga come get some/ Im not your step father, so you better step son/ ball hard, all day ,no time outs/ sorry no I wont go... Amy Winehouse/ the sky's the limit, well Im higher than the limit/ like Im doin 60 in a 55 man dont you get it?/ya'll niggas cant keep up/ and you can try to speed up/ but every nigga tryna sign me like a pre nup ha Chorus 3rd Verse (V Scripts) Ghost whispers/weed so good my smoke glistens/ we no bitches/ my tee whiter than coke crystals/ I see you thief's on my wallet/ you hatas gettin burned likt the leafs on my chronic/ Im chronically comet/ that means Im always fly/ niggas mix up the tonic, alcoholics till we vomit/ Im goin in, no operation/ I been sick, I been wearin out my doctors patience/ I pick apart /motherfuckers cause Im sick at heart/ Im sick of talk/ Im the shit nigga, you just trickle farts/ Im Hussein/ screws loose and some loose change/ who's changed? Im the truth, but the truth's pain/ I do thangs, two dames and a bottle of that goose mang/ I lose sain, and you say Im a douche bag?/ Im hot and stand out like a soup stain/ you just mad cause your girl is like a toupee/ switchin heads, but of course I mean dick heads/ never let you niggas get under my skin like tick heads/ I past go while ya'll gettin evicted/ put my knuckles down your thorat till my fist red/ you aint makin no bangers man, ya shit dead/ Im blastin ya nose/ then im smashin your hoes/ got a bank full of cash till the casket is closed/ Ima lash at and laugh at you asshole alone/ ima bastard I know, but Im bad to the bone/ Ill see you later, Im greater the way I ate her/ had you chick gaspin for air, so Ima call her vader Chorus Download song at: Make sure to follow: @Vscripts @J_Yungen @MrBurnandLearn Burn and Learn source: