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USS IOWA Departs — From Port To Pacific

4y ago


Watch the journey of USS IOWA in Mothball Fleet to opening as a museum at: The Battleship USS Iowa departs Richmond, CA, for Los Angeles after nearly seven months of restoration efforts. Margin Boards were pulled up, paint was chipped, paint was applied, life was brought back to electrical systems, and guests from San Francisco's Bay Area previewed a wonderful museum they let slip through their fingers. 02:09 Final Preparations 04:49 News Conference 06:38 "We're On Our Way To L.A." 07:37 She's On Her Way 09:06 Final Escorts (Bell Huey Helicopter, Dolphins, Boats) 11:54 The Pacific Ocean Welcomes Back The Iowa For more information on the Iowa, see: Many thanks to the WW-II tug Mazapeta for escorting the Iowa that day: Many thanks to the United States Navy, California's Senators & Congressional representatives who had the Iowa towed to California from Rhode Island, the State Of Iowa, sponsors, plank owners, contractors, staff, apprentices, and volunteers for their support. .