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USNS Mercy - Nias, Indonesia

4y ago


In 2005 the USNS Mercy assisted in the tsunami relief effort that took place after the devastating earthquake off the coast of Indonesia on December 26th, 2004. After assisting in Banda Aceh the Mercy sailed to Alor, Indonesia to provide humanitarian aid. After leaving Alor we continued onto Dili, East Timor. Unfortunately, there was another large earthquake off the south coast of Sumatera that did more damage to that area of the world. The ship was re-directed back into that region and left Dili after only being there for a couple of days. The closest area to the additional earthquakes that occurred off the coast was Nias. The USNS Mercy is a civilian operated hospital ship that has numerous operating rooms and medical facilities that are staffed with military personal as well as volunteers from project HOPE. The video and pictures are a compilation gathered from military and civilian people that were on the ship with me.