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US cover up in DR Congo: Why block information on war crimes?-Africa Today-07-03-2012

4y ago


The US is covering up information about rebels led by a man wanted for war crimes by the International Criminal Court, Human Rights Watch has said. The global watchdog says Washington is blocking publication of a UN inquiry into rebels led by Bosco Ntaganda in the Democratic Republic of Congo.Human Rights Watch said the US had used its influence to resist publishing the report's findings. The US has denied blocking the report. But it has now been several days since the report by the UN's "Group of Experts" was expected to be published. The row concerns a rebel group led by Gen Ntaganda, known as "Terminator" and other former officers in the Congolese army. They rebelled from the army and, with their men, now hold territory in parts of DR Congo close to the Rwandan border. Tens of thousands of people have been made homeless by their recent actions and related military moves by other armed groups. Most armed groups in eastern DR Congo operate rackets under which they extract precious minerals or "tax" the local population. Watch this video on our website: