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high brow

high brow

Ursula Martinez, 'Hanky Panky', Magic Striptease - The Carnival Chronicles 'Live' - (MA+ Nudity)

2y ago


The Carnival Chronicles 'Live' treats you to Ursula Martinez's (La Soiree, La Clique, Duckie, The Office Party) famous cabaret act 'Hanky Panky' - a magic strip-tease - WARNING CONTAINS FULL FRONTAL NUDITY MA15+ advised. More about Ursula - She sets fire to her tits, interrogates her parents, re-defines class, blurs fiction with reality, cures homosexuals, gives birth to penises, tells autobiographical stories, deconstructs performance and sings South London suburban flamenco - from high brow to low brow, from spectacle to confessional, from live art to light entertainment, Ursula Martinez produces solo and collaborative performance for theatre, site-specific, installation, cabaret, night club, film, television...... birthdays, weddings and Barmitzvahs! Ursula regularly performs this routine in the world renowned show La Soiree - Video for The Carnival Chronicles - Presented by Carnival Cinema Shot/cut by Hamish McCormick Carnival Cinema - Carnival Chronicles -