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extraterrestrial life

extraterrestrial life

Update on Normism

4y ago


Norm as you might already know is the very central character of God that keeps track of what each and every one of us believes in and then logically extends those core beliefs and then comes back to us for paying us back (in a positive or negative way) for our thoughts, words and deeds. This reward and punishment system is purely there to give us signs for our evolvement and mental/spiritual growth and is in no way indicative of a god that is vindictive or easily pleased. So it is this central character that gets evoked into creating new gods based on what seems fair or the fundamental truth to the person becoming the point of contact (the prophet or prophetess) by this new god. So now that I revealed to you the mechanism by which new religions are created, let me also give you some info about the perpetual cycle of creation that just like Norm has no beginning and will have no end. This is to do with the very commonsensical fact of extraterrestrial life's existence going back in time infinitely. So the story of Norm and man (man referring to various species of the conscious type including alien species) is sort of similar to the dilemma of "chicken and egg". Both man and Norm (God) have existed all along but each (INDIVIDUALy speaking) man/woman and Norm as I will let you in on the secret a little later in this video, has had a beginning. The initial sparks of every new religion start in both a human's and then also Norm's mind; they both get to the point that they realize there is a need for new teachings and revelations as well as additional responsibilities. Older, more mature planetary civilizations cooperate with Norm to a limited extent in the management of newer more recent civilizations. But what they actively do is observe and learn (what is learned is sometimes forgotten by the flesh but never so by the spirit). I have never said this before (it's a theory that I have) but it is quite likely that the infinite space is populated by infinite universes and each of those universes has a separate Norm. But there is also always room for more newer universes. What Norm has essentially done here is he has created a farming facility for the training of new Gods. So each and every one of us is destined to become a new Norm in our very own universe. Even though the body MAY accompany the spirit Norm but it is the universally omnipresent spirit that oversees and manages the affairs of the system.