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UPDATE: Husband Killed in Dickson Co. House Fire - Erica Shaffer

4y ago


We are learning more about the house fire that claimed the life of a Dickson man.     Firefighters spent the entire morning making sure the fire did not spark back up. It was a very long morning for firefighters who monitored the scene for several hours even after the fire was put out.     But it was what first responders heard that made this such a difficult fire to fight.     Around 2:30 Wednesday Morning neighbors say they heard a thump at 1015 Loggins Road. Neighbor Richard Bobo says, "I thought somebody might have broke in so I went downstairs in my house because I live right over there and I checked and I didn't see anything out of place and I came up and I looked out the window and saw the blue lights."    Firefighters say when they arrived the home was engulfed in flames.     A female resident was able to make it out and call for help- but her husband was trapped inside.    The Dickson County Sheriff's Department says the man is either 50 or 51 years old - .     Deputies do not believe he had a medical condition that would have made it difficult for him to escape.    Deputies who first arrived on the scene say they heard the man screaming for help- but there was nothing that could be done. Dickson County Sheriff's Department Detective Chris Stockman says, "The fire had moved so quickly by the time anyone to - either the neighbors or responding officers - it was virtually impossible for anyone to make entry back into the residence."Investigators say two girls live at the home- however they were staying at a friend's house when the fire broke out. Bobo says he is keeping the family in his prayers- but is thankful the fire didn't spread. "Thank goodness we had some rain here in the last few days that probably stopped a lot of it from catching 16-10-08 if we had been as dry as we were before we got the rain last week we could have had the woods on fire back here."Right now firefighters are not calling this fire suspicious. The cause of the fire has not been determined, and emergency officials are waiting to release the victim's name pending a medical examination scheduled for tomorrow.