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Up-date Watertown, SD Apartment Building Fire (April 29th 2012) April 30th 2012

2y ago


At about 11:00 pm April 29th the residents slept in a older very large home converted into six apartments when a next door neighbor woman woke smelling smoke. Her and her husband then saw smoke coming from the next door building roof area near the windows. The wife then called 911 as the husband rushed over pounding on the doors to alert the residents. No fire alarms ever went off. The 3rd floor resident where in the fire started at first didn't believe there was a fire when he answered his door. He thought it was a bad joke. The local fire department did a good job putting out the fire, first using water them foam. Holes had be cut in the roof and wall to get to fire that was hard to get out and spent most of the night battling it. Both 3rd floor apartments was a total loss including all their possessions, the people only escaping with only what they had on. The other apartments had major water damage and the one second floor apartment may also had damage that was below the apartment where the fire started. It was first reported the third floor, floor collapsed into the second flood apartment. But not confirmed. It was also reported that evening before the fire, the lights and cable TV in the apartments were flickering. Thanks to the alert next door neighbors no one living there was injured.