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Universal Newsreel Vol. 32 Release 81-88: Dodgers Win World Series (1959)

4y ago


USE RESTRICTIONS SPECIFIC RESTRICTIONS: Copyright USE RESTRICTIONS NOTE: Some or all of this material may be restricted by copyright or other intellectual property right restrictions. ONLINE RESOURCES: NOTE: A DVD of this film can be ordered from our partner, A DVD of this film is ALSO available for viewing and copying free of charge in the NARA Research Room in the Motion Picture, Sound, and Video Records Section, National Archives at College Park, 8601 Adelphi Road, College Park, MD. The original release sheet reads: DODGERS WIN WORLD SERIES! At Comiskey Park, Chicago, the sixth and final game of one of the most exciting World Series ever. The Los Angeles Dodgers erupt with home run blasts by Duke Snider, Wally Moon and Larry Essegian to crush the White Sox' first chance for a diamond championship in 40 years. In a wild fourth inning the Dodgers score 6 of their 9 runs - and the White Sox collect 3 - a diamond spectacular. SNOW BLANKETS COLORADO: One of the heaviest snow storms in the history of the State blankets wide areas in Colorado. Helicopters and Army rescue teams bring in hundreds of head of cattle and many deer driven from mountain retreats. KHRUSHCHEV SEES EARLY SUMMIT TALKS: At Red China's gargantuan, garish 10th Anniversary festival in Peiping, Nikita Khrushchev heads the roster of top Communist leaders. Later, Mr. K foresaw summit meetings soon. The Reds stage a monumental celebration with a huge and colorful parade viewed by hundreds of thousands of massed spectators. BOILER-MAKERS HAMMER NOTRE DAME: At Lafayette, Indiana, Purdue's Boiler-makers hammer Notre Dame with a hard-driving, powerhouse game that even the Irish's gallant second half rally can't match. The final score in the gridiron thriller: 28-7. FOR MORE INFORMATION