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Ultimate Villainess Tribute

4y ago


My favorite villainesses and antagonists. Music is The Blade Trinity Theme Includes: 1. Miss Eva Ernst: The Grand High Witch: The Witches 2. Joan Crawford: Mommie Dearest 3. The Wicked Witch of the West: Wizard of Oz 4. The Red Queen: Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland 5. Lisle von Rhoman, Madeline Ashton, and Helen Sharp: Death Becomes her. 6. Alex Forest: Fatal Attraction 7. Kathryn Merteuil: Cruel Intentions 8. Peyton Flanders: Hand that Rocks the Cradle 9. Cruella De Vil: 101 Dalmations 10. Mrs Coulter: The Golden Compass 11. Regina: Beethoven's 2nd 12.Princess Mombi: Return to Oz 13. Lena: Super Mario Bros 14. Lucy Wyman: 13 Going on 30 15.Tiffany: Bride of Chucky 16. Carrigan Crittenden: Casper 17. Other Mother: Coraline 18. Evil-Lyn: Masters of the Universe 19. Xayide: The Neverending Story 2 20. Juno Skinner: True Lies 21. Nancy Downs: The Craft 22. Nurse Ratchet: One Flew Over the Coocko's Nest 23. White Witch: Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and the Wordrobe. Not in video... 24. Annie Wilkes: Misery 25. Poison Ivy and Catwoman: Batman movies