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Tyga - Muthafucka Up ft. Nicki Minaj (ONFIRE ENT // L-Dubs REMIX)

4y ago


L-Dubs Muthafucka Up Freeverse LYRICS Crank it up, some notches Watch me, get a beat, demolish it I terrorize, I'm lockin in L D-U dubble B, back on this shit Haters I hear em talk again They got a BIG MOUTH... COLLAGEN They don't back it up, don't bother then I'm too busy with they chick to talk to themmmmmm She givin FREE RIDES... SCHOLARSHIPS Seen me on stage, she followin She heard me SPIT she SWALLOWIN All again, I'ma win, a hundred percent, I'm positive This is not a diss, but ONFIRE is the hottest click in Washington Yea yea yea yea, U know thurr ain't no stoppin it Try and get the consequence, the cost of it, U don't wanna spend Spent fifteen years, here with my peers, now it appears I'm here accomplishin Everything that I said I'd do back then Back then punchlines was all I did But now we got assorted shit From songs to verses to 32 BARS of the hardest piff This is just a part of it, these songs, I put my heart in it I'm confident, if U bump this shit, U know we da best like Khaled bitchhhh ..FLYER THAN A BOEING JET We AIRBORNE now, we kinda SICK, PYRAMID to the top, we PONZI it Make impossible possible profits is, on the tip of Abu Dhabi shit From lobbies to the top, we gotta get... penthouse suites, where we gotta liveeee This game is a monopo-lay Moet Rose I pop that shit, these ladies here about to strip Like Vegas dinner at Lavo-followed by a table at Tao with a lotta fifths And after a couple of bottles, catch me leavin with a hot ass college chickkkk Get ready for the main event She go down low, no oxygen, I put her on TOP... CONDIMENTS I strap that condom on, then I make her moan, loud as shit I strap that condom on, then I make her SCREAM... HORROR FLICK Dubble be the best Beat that MOTHER FUCKER up like punchin DELONTE WEST In the face, this is just target practice, just for kicks Stay ballin like number 17 on the Knicks, gone Original recording by Tyga, All rights reserved to (C) 2011 Cash Money Records Inc.