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panama city beach

panama city beach

Two Man Gentlemen Band ( Full Color Version ) - Most of Set - Springfest 3-23-12

4y ago


What a Fun, Fun find these guys were at this year's Suwannee Springfest ( As if DaSong titles on DaSetlist didn't clue ya in )..... Please Note: There is also a version rendered in Sepiatone which is very enjoyable on this channel.... Bio: Irreverent songwriters, expert instrumentalists, former street-performers, and consummate showmen, The Two Man Gentlemen Band has been barnstorming from coast to coast for half a decade, developing a reputation as a must-see live act on the roots and retro music circuits. A tenor guitar and string bass duo in the tradition of the great Slim & Slam, The Gents have obvious affection for pre-war American Jazz and Western Swing. But they're no period piece. The decidedly contemporary feel of their lyrics and the hilarious, often ridiculous, improvised banter that peppers their live shows combine with the music for a thoroughly modern ruckus. "It's as if," one reviewer commented, "The Smothers Brothers were young today, wore better suits, and wrote hot jazz songs about drinking." To The Gentlemen, that sounds about right. Setlist: The Leisure Class Prescription Drugs Big Strong Man Please Don't Water it Down Blue Drag Bye Bye Blues I Can Get Drunk and I Can Sing Songs William Howard Taft Two at A Time Let's Get Happy Together Panama City Beach Me, I Get High on Reefer Pork Chops My Blue Heaven I Like to Party with Girls Fancy Beer