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Two Lone Wolves

5y ago


READ THIS: My friend and I are looking for a WOLF ROLEPLAY WEBSITE or FORUM to join. We are 17 and 18 years old and are both writers, and we would like to expand and learn more from other writers and roleplayers. I myself am the admin of a 6 year old roleplay that is still going strong, and we both have good HTML and layout skills. Our character information is down below. My character is the first: Name/Dublance: Wind Rank: (Can be any of the following) Alpha Female, Beta Female, Nurse, Fighter, Huntress. Discription: Soft brown with lighter underbelly and dark brown eyes. Personality: Wind was always upbeat and playful as a pup. After a year or two away from the pack, she's grown more distant. She's more into order and rules rather than wasting time. She needs a pack to dedicate herself to. History: The pack was over grown and both wolves were singled out among others to leave the pack and start new lives. If the Rp Website has powers Power: Wind or Fire Special Markings: None really Wings, abnormal parts of the body: Large black raven wings if possible. Jewlry or collars: none If the Rp Website has Humans in it or near by: Relationship with humans: None Feelings about humans: Avoidable, and annoying. History with humans: None. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Knife Rank: Prefer Hunter Pelt Color: Brown underbelly and jet black on top. Honey-colored eyes with a scar covering his right eye from the eyebrow down to the jaw. Personality: He's always defensive, keeping to himself and hidding his emotions. He only attacks when he's on the hunt, and needs a pack to fight for. Power: Conjures vicious winds that can cut through anything in its path. Special Markings: Blue swirls that covers his front and back legs. A blade-like marking covers his entire back, pointing down to the tail, following with six arrow heads. Abnormal parts: Hooked blades that go out of his body just above his paws. Relationships With humans: Won't bother them if they don't bother him. Doesn't see much humans as a threat unless they're holding something in their hands. Feeling about humans: Knowing they're weak, brittle, and unreliable unless they have a weapon, then he feels pity.