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★TUTORIAL★ - How To Jailbreak PS3 4.20

2y ago


Don't thank me thank GlitchyJoey for his hard work on the 4.20 JB. Things Needed: PS3 USB (1GB - 4GB) USB Cable PC Downloads: 4.20 Jailbreak: 4.20 Reverter: The 4.20 will revert your Playstation 3 back to original OFW, you can re-jailbreak your Playstation after using the 4.20 Reverter. Features: ★ Install Package Files (Coming Soon) ★ Patch Blocker built into Firmware ★ Automatic Update (Can Be Found in System Settings Sub Menu) ★ Automatic Update via USB ★ PS Vita Deleting Backups feature removed ★ Fast Processing With Decreased Lag ★ Confirmation When CPU Load is High "Press PS Button to continue" How to set-up USB for updating (USB Drive letter):\PS3\UPDATE\(place PS3UPDAT.PUP in here) Steps to Installation. 1.Turn Off PS3 2.Connect USB to USB port closest to Blu-Ray Drive. 3.Hold Down Power Button till PS3 turns off, hold and let go once you hear 2 beeps. 4.Connect USB Cable to PS3 Controller and any USB Port on PS3. 5.Go down to System Update. 6. Wait for search to complete. (1 -3 minutes) 7.Wait for PS3 to reboot install 4.20 Update. 8.Agree to Terms & Conditions and Install. 9.Once installed go to "Settings" tab and scroll to "Security" Do NOT enter Security option but hold L1+R1+Select+□. 10. enter your 4 digit code. (default 0000 or 4801) 11.All Features of the XMB. How to Access Playstation Store. 1.On Game Tab Go to "Saved Data Utility (PS3)" 2.Click onto Online Storage. 3.Click "Join Playstation Plus. 3.Select Game Tab in Playstation Store. In order to access Playstation Home you MUST have a friend on PSN invite you or it will remain inaccessible for now. Don't Forget to Subscribe, Like, Comment, and add me as a friend. Get CashCrate: Get Swagbucks: