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Turkish Minister said: in Somalia we found enough water for drinking and agriculture

4y ago


Prof. Veysel Eroğlu, Minister of Environment and Forests of Turkey said : In Africa We have been drilling water wells from Niger to Somalia, we drilled many water wells, so far enough for 350.000 people but this is not enough.We now sent water well drilling equipments to supply water for Somalian people. Our engineers and geophysicists have started to work in Somali, and our research shows there is enough water in Somali both for drinking and agriculture. At the first stage we will drill 30 water well and at the same time we will give training to Somalian People on how to use water drilling equipment. After the 30 wells we will leave all the machines and equipment to them, so we can continue drilling new water wells together. Our first Aim is to provide enough drinking water, later on we will consider agriculture projects .