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4y ago


★★★ STOP Handstands if wrists get sore. These drills can lead to overuse syndrome wrist pain. ★★★ 1) LONG handstand ... variations - ears are covered with the arms. The back is rounded. 2) NOSE and TOES ... variations ~ alternate touching one foot, then the other, until "free" SAVING the handstand by splaying the fingers and pressing with each finger tip 3) SHORT Bridge - the spine should be as straight as possible, the shoulders stretched - push the nose outwards to tight, slight arch ~ continue to push shoulders and nose away from the wall until heels come off the wall 4) Straddle HALF PRESS ... variations - this is a difficult drill. Gymnasts can first jump, then later jump press half way to handstand. Practice stopping with the legs horizontal on the wall. - Much later the gymnast can press to handstand 5) LONG BRIDGE ... variations - spotting is needed for beginners. A soft mat is needed below the beginner. 6) BACKWARD WALKOVER - spotting is needed for beginners 7) OTHER Wall Drills Thanks to the gymnasts from Gymnastics Adventure and Taiso. And thanks to Tumbl Trak for inventing the safe, soft, rounded Power Launch Air Mat.