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the machines

the machines

Tubeway Army - Down in the Park

4y ago


The best song i can think of from the 70s this tops are friends electric i watched the episode sonic and sally the story line made me think of the album including this song and the machmen because its about robots and androids and you don't know if sally is real or not only tails who discovers the terrible secret and then soon sonic discovers the same secret and must find sally and kill the fake sally ( replicas ) one of the albums notable songs stay tune for the machmen soon GARY NUMAN RULEZ Down in the park Where the Machmen meet The machines are playing `kill-by-numbers' Down in the park with a friend called `Five' I was in a car crash Or was it the war? Well, I've never been quite the same Little white lies like "I was there" Come to "Zom-Zom's", a place to eat Like it was built in one day You can watch the humans Trying to run Oh, look, there's a rape machine I'd go outside if it looks the other way You wouldn't believe The things they do Down in the park Where the chant is "Death, death, death" Until the sun cries morning Down in the park with friends of mine "We are not lovers We are not romantics We are here to serve you" A different face but the words never change