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It's the Tommy Toe Hold Show! Today's topics: Anderson Silva does Rolling Stone, UFC 147, and Joe Rogan and Eddie Bravo visit the show. CHECK US OUT EVERY WEDNESDAY! WEDNESDAY! WEDNESDAY! BECOME A FAN ON FACEBOOK: FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER: VISIT MY FRIENDS FOR THE BEST IN MMA!!! The MMA Movement: MMA Torture House: MMA Burner: Heart & Glory: Char Broiled: Tapout Radio: N3rdgazm: Fight Fans Radio: Mixed Martial Arts Updates: SUBCRIBE!!! RATE!!!! COMMENT!!! Say something funny enough and you might be the VIEWER COMMENT OF THE WEEK! DISCLAIMER: Before you freak out because I made fun of your favorite fighter (or I made fun of you), please note: I LOVE MMA, and I mean no disrespect to anyone who is involved in the sport. Even though I may make fun of a fighter on the show, I have nothing but the utmost respect for all the hard work and dedication that goes into being a fighter, and I would never criticize them or their gyms. This entire show is done in jest, so chill out and laugh a little bit! THIS SHOW IS A PARODY. IT IS COMPLETELY SATIRICAL AND COMEDIC IN NATURE. ALL OF THE INFORMATION CONVEYED THROUGH THIS SHOW IS 100% FICTIONAL...EVEN THE REAL INFORMATION. ANY VOICES OF FIGHTERS, CELEBRITIES, OR REAL PERSONS ARE IMPRESSIONS AND NOT THEIR ACTUAL VOICES. ANY STATEMENTS MADE ABOUT SOMETHING A REAL PERSON SAID OR DID ARE 100% FALSE AND ARE FOR COMEDIC EFFECT. THE FIGHTERS, CELEBRITIES, OR REAL PERSONS MENTIONED IN NO WAY ENDORSE, WATCH, OR EVEN KNOW ABOUT THIS SHOW. SO DON'T SUE US... All music provided by Kevin MacLeod at Kevin has placed his music in the public domain and only asks that those who use it credit him and link to his website. Both of these stipulations have been met. MMA images from Anderson Silva images from