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stand up


4y ago


This is a video I made about True Beauty. I made this video as a way to spead God's love around. I want EVERY teen to be told that they ARE beautiful- no matter what society tells them. Here we go, true beauty round 2, This video is going be a challenge for you, PLEASE share this video with all of you family and friends Cause its time the REAL definition of beauty becomes a trend This is me, HS, standing up for what I believe, Because I know that with god, this can all be achieved I know some of you are thinking I'm stupid, or that I have lost me mind, But all I got to say is this: its time someone tries to get the word beauty; redefined. We question WHY so many teens are falling apart, But have we reminded them that TRUE beauty comes from the heart? This idea of true beauty is for the girls AND the guys, Because it's not just girls being fed all these wacked up lies Society tells us that beauty, is only what you can see with the eyes, And for girls, this starts insecurities with the hair, skin color, and waist size, And for guys, society has told them they have this certain duty, For them to have great skin, clothes and hair in order for us to see their beauty But ALL of these lies society are teens are wrong Because they should NEVER change the person they were being all along We have teen girls starving themselves and guys cutting weight Just so people can look at them and say, dang they look great It's like beauty has become some sort of twisted game And I think Mass Media is def, something to blame So many movies and TV shows are telling teens they have to look a certain way And so teens try to achieve that look day by day Now here is the story of the girl I used to be Cause it took a while o stop trying to change the REAL me I used to tell myself to eat less and to work out more Just so I could feel like I was up to score I never knew how far I would try to go, Just so I could get my beauty to show I even know teens, who have tried taking pills, and even cutting, But in the end, the still feel like they are nothing I never loved what I looked like; you could have seen the pain in my eyes Cause I could never get down to a freaking 0 pant size But one day god said to me, Hannah stop trying to change who you are to please other people Cause I made EVERY part of you perfectly from the color of your skin to that cute little dimple It's SO hard to look in the mirror and tell myself I look great, Cause most of the time, I still tell myself to lose some more weight But now I write little reminders on my mirror that usually say: Hannah God doesn't want you ANY other way Jesus talks about REAL beauty in 1st peter chapter 3 He tells us what the real def. of beauty is supposed to be He says its not about the pretty clothes or pretty jewelry that you wear He says its come from the heart, and inner self—that my friends is real beauty right there I am asking Each and every one of you to join me in this fight The fight to change the def of beauty, society thinks they have right I cant bear to see any more teens try to change who they are Because they want to look as good as their favorite Hollywood star Its time that society says beauty is something that comes from the heart Not about what we look like or what size we are Is time that mass media starts using all their power for good Teens need to be told that beauty comes from all shapes and sizes- because it should I ask that you stand up for this with me if you believe Cause with God, all these ideas can and will be achieved I hope that soon, teens won't still be being fed all these lies, Cause they too focused on seeing REAL beauty through Gods' eyes