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Trippy Air Trip

4y ago


Insanity meets Boredom! I was in Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport for 41 straight hours last month trying to fly home and kept getting bumped off flights. To entertain myself in that lengthy stretch I went and filmed some stuff around the DFW airport and mashed it up to this song from Nine Inch Nails... I originally planned to film plenty more footage but I ended up losing my flight coupon and ended up having to buy a ticket home with a different airline. BTW crazy irony too cuz I was filming this waiting to hope Disclaimer: None of the aircrafts or airlines shown in this video are the guilty party... I made particular effort to not film them :P I definitely DO NOT recommend EVER flying standby... especially near a holiday (which this was not... but still it was ridiculous!) Song is "Ghost 8" from Nine Inch Nails and is used with permission by use of Creative Commons