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Tripoli Underground: Shabab Libya & Mohammed Ali

4y ago


Ayat Mneina is a Canadian-Libyan who was living in London during the February Libyan Uprising. Along with her friends and family, she co-ordinated a resistance campaign known as the Libyan Youth Movement, tweeting as @ShababLibya. One of her key contacts who fed her crucial information from Tripoli during Mummar Gaddafi's brutal crackdown, was a young Medical intern, named Mohammed Ali Leghui. Having witnessed un-armed people being shot with heavy-calibre weaponry on the fateful night of February 20, he later joined the Tripoli Brigade fighting in the Nafusa Mountains. Mohammed was with his friend Nader Mabruk Beurewin a 26 year old Canadian-Libyan who travelled all the way from his comfortable life in Canada to fight in the Tripoli brigade and was killed during the Battle of Bab Al Aziziyah during the liberation of Tripoli. We meet his family who whilst still grieving for him, are very proud he is now a martyr for the February 17 Revolution. Part of the Tripoli Underground series for The Guardian.