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mountain guide

Trip Report - Alaska Ski! 2012.m4v

4y ago


The chronicle of an amazing ski trip to the heart of the Wrangell-St. Elias National Park & Preserve, part of the largest protected landmass on Earth. This is big country and perfect terrain for ski mountaineering. The trip features a remote wilderness ski lodge, plane assisted backcountry skiing, and a multiday ski mountaineering section all with UIAGM Ski & Mountain Guide Howie Schwartz of Sierra Mountain Guides. This adventure was all run in conjunction with Wild Alpine and Ultima Thule Lodge, and we can't wait to return. Visit their websites for more details about where they are and what they offer in the awe inspiring Wrangells. We hope this film helps convey the indescribable feeling of skiing in such remote, enormous, and untouched Alaskan mountain terrain. Music by friends: Uncle Funkhammer and Wrangell Mountain aficionado, Jurgen Ogrodnik. The best still photos from Nina's Valley are probably by Ruedi Homberger ( Thanks Hombi! Thanks Taylor and Louise for an amazing experience with you. You are both inspirational! (Especially Louise who did this trip at the age of 70. I hope she doesn't mind that disclosure, but it is something to be proud of I think!)