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"Treyvon Martin" by Old Fart Rants

4y ago


A few weeks ago a young black teenager named Treyvon Martin was walking home from the store back to the gated community where his parents live is Sanford Florida, and he was shot to death by a man named George Zimmerman. Zimmerman is a self-appointed captain of the neighborhood watch program. He is not a cop. He's a wanna be cop who has a concealed carry license in Florida. He has no authority to follow, confront, or arrest anyone. Zimmerman has called police 46 times just since Jan. 1, 2011 to report "suspicious behavior". According to 911 recordings released by the Sanford police department, Zimmerman said the person he was following, Treyvon Martin, was walking slowly and appeared to be looking at people's houses. So Treyvon Martin's "suspicious behavior" was walking and looking - oh yeah, and he was black. Based only on these facts and these facts alone, Mr. Zimmerman decided to pursue Treyvon and called 911 to let them know. During the call Zimmerman complained "These ass holes always get away." Even though the 911 operator told him not to pursue Treyvon he did it anyway. And he shot Treyvon to death. Under Florida's so called "stand your ground law" Zimmerman is pleading self-defense. I don't think there's any doubt that the reason George Zimmerman killed an innocent unarmed black teenager was because he's a racist. Once he ignored the cops telling him to back off he gave up all rights to claim self-defense. This is America - George Zimmerman has every right to call someone a fucking coon if he wants to - he just doesn't have the right to kill people with impunity. It's been almost a month since Treyvon Martin was killed. The fact that George Zimmerman hasn't been arrested and charged with murder is beyond comprehension and a travesty of justice. I guarantee you if a black man had shot an unarmed white kid he'd be in jail within minutes if he wasn't shot by the cops at the scene. The whole world is watching this story now - like we need another reason for the rest of the world to think America has lost its mind!