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Staff Picks

Staff Picks

TREND HUNTER REALITY TV PROMO: Superhero Fashion, Paparazzi Flash Mobs & Tattoos

4y ago


Trend Hunter's Reality Show sizzle Reel is finally here! Meet the team while witnessing a bizarre flash mob, restorative tattooing, superhero fashion, augmented reality, beer drinking, projected publicity and paint throwing. It's all our favorite things! The show explores the most enrapturing ideas from around the world while showcasing our lady editors, the inner workings of our dot com start-up, our work and party office culture and the entrepreneurial adventures of our founder, Jeremy Gutsche. The show targets relentlessly curious and insatiably creative people and professionals in creative industries, like advertising, design, fashion, pop culture and digital media. It's also a unique glimpse behind the scenes of one of the world's largest web 2.0 digital media communities, The magical editing and video production comes from the talented team at Crucial Pictures, who previously created our 2 minute documentary. Special thanks to those who created the trends in the video, which are profiled at: IN THIS EPISODE: RESTORATIVE TATTOOING - If you want to see more of Kyla's work, visit PAPARAZZI FLASH MOBS - Big thanks to Andrew Loos and the daring crew at Attack Marketing for pulling off such a cool stunt with the NesQuik Bunny, a Hummer Limo and several hundred adoring fans. ALL OTHER TRENDS ARE PROFILED HERE - Terror Fashion - Superhero couture - Augmented Reality - 5 People, 1 Guitar -